Smart AudioBook Player PRO v9.5.0 – Paid version of one of the best Android audiobook players
Premium version, Pro and unlocked with all features

Smart AudioBook Player is the name of an Android application that Alex Kravchenko has created exclusively for playing audio books, so if you are interested in audio books, put some of them on your Android device right now and use Enjoy their quality broadcast of this program. This program has unique features and characteristics, all of which go hand in hand so that this program is the best option for playing m4b (audio book format) format! In general, the Smart AudioBook Player Full program is specially designed for playing audio books! In this program, it is assumed that you have several audiobooks and you have copied them on your phone and you want to play them with the help of these! This is because you should not think that this app contains audio books, but only for playing audio books! Using the full version of this program is free for the first 30 days and after that the program will become its initial version, but we at Usroid have released the full version for download, all features are available for free and without restrictions. Once you can use them!

Key features of Android Smart AudioBook Player:

  • Play speed control
  • Book Classification (New, Started, Completed)
  • Download various covers from the Internet
  • Create a list of characters: You can create a list of characters to make it easier to follow the stories
  • Auto-pause if you fall asleep; Just shake your phone sharply to continue playing the audiobook
  • A history of broadcast audiobooks
  • It has a widget that you can use to control the application from the home screen
  • You can prevent other audio files from playing in this program by specifying a folder that contains all the audiobooks.
  • If you have not finished a book, you can play another audiobook at the same time, without disturbing any of them.
  • No ads


The Google Audio Smart AudioBook Player has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0, and the full version is priced at $ 2. The version that can be downloaded directly from Google Play is the free version of the program, which has limited features, but the version that is currently available for download on Usroid is the full and professional version, which you can download for free.