[Smart Clean: Free Junk Cleaner Log Cache Duplicate v1.19.10.2 [Pro – Smart application for removing extra files Android
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Extra files are one of the main causes of software problems in Android smartphones. If you use your smartphone constantly and do not pay attention to this type of file, their number will increase over time and will slow down the execution of commands. Deleting each such file is difficult and time consuming, which is why some developers have created apps in this area. Smart Clean: Free Junk Cleaner Log Cache Duplicate ProIs a smart application for deleting extra Android files, developed by XtrasZone and published on Google Play. The above program provides a simple environment to help users save their time and quickly identify additional files in memory. One of the features that catches your eye after installation is the ability to specify files to delete; In such a way that you have a list and it is enough to check the available option. Scanning speed is very high and files are deleted automatically. There are also several management options in the settings of this software, the best of which is the ability to create a white list or black list for scanned folders.

Some features and capabilities of Smart Clean: Free Junk Cleaner Log Cache Duplicate Android app:

  • Quick and easy scan of all memory to identify extra files
  • Ability to specify target files for identification and deletion
  • Create a black or white list to scan
  • Quick deletion of identification files after scanning automatically
  • Back up all data with the possibility of recovery
  • Very simple and easy user interface

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Smart Clean Free Junk Cleaner Log Cache Duplicate Pro