Smart Compass Pro v2.7.5a – Intelligent and widely used Android compass application,
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One of the most important tools invented by humans is the compass, which thousands of years after its invention, many people still use it to navigate. Today, however, compasses, like other devices, are seen as applications in smart devices. If you are one of the regular users of Usroid site, you will know that in the previous posts, we have introduced you to the Smart Tool tool collection, in which we intend to provide you with a compass with more features. Smart Compass Pro The title is a smart compass and the third Smart Tools tool developed by Smart Tools co and published in the Google Play Store. The program helps its users to identify the main and secondary geographic directions at any time and place in a completely professional and accurate manner and to have access to various information. Among all the capabilities of this compass, its camera view may be considered one of the best; Just by activating the camera and capturing it on any scene, you will know what the geographical directions are like. It is better not to miss the use of other available modes and make the most of each according to your needs.

Some features and capabilities of the Android Smart Compass Pro program:

  • Benefit from a smart compass with various capabilities
  • Camera view to display compass on landscapes
  • Various modes such as map, night, standard and…
  • Metal detector and finding underground metals based on magnetic field
  • Share your exact location with your friends
  • A perfect display qibla
  • There was no advertising in the application environment

Application Smart Compass Pro to benefit from the features and capabilities varied as a compass professionally managed at a price of $ 1.99 Self rated 4.4 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version bought it Download from Usroid site without any restrictions .


Smart Compass Pro