Smart Cookie Secure Web Browser: fast + private v9.1.0  – Cookie resistant browser
Original and official version of the program   

In recent years, many efforts have been made to use the Internet commercially. Many online stores have been established and most businesses have moved to the Internet in whole or in part. The foundation of an online business is having a website. Websites that are built to make money need to get to know their visitors better. That’s why they have come up with different ways to do this. One of the most efficient and widely used ways to track website visitors is to register a cookie in their browser. This way, every time you visit the site, the website identifies you using the saved cookie. Sometimes we want to browse the web completely anonymously and no trace of us is left anywhere. That’s why we need to clear cookies and other tracking tools.Smart Cookie Secure Web Browser: fast + private is an anonymous and secure browser for Android operating system, developed by CookieJarApps and published for free on Google Play. This browser is able to block annoying Internet ads, thus saving the user a lot of Internet usage. It is also able to prevent cookie files from being stored in the browser and protect the user from being identified and followed by websites. Even consent dialogs for saving cookies are deleted with this browser and you will no longer see them. To make surfing the Internet easier, you can customize different parts of the browser to your liking. This powerful browser is able to detect malicious and harmful sites and prevent them from entering. It is also possible to block sites with your favorite topics.

Some features and capabilities of Smart Cookie Secure Web Browser: fast + private Android :

  • Remove annoying internet ads
  • Prevent users from being tracked by browsers by removing cookies and other user tracking tools
  • Personalize and change different parts of the browser
  • Identify malicious web pages and prevent them from being accessed
  • Has a night ureter for easier web browsing in dark and dim environments
  • Has an interface similar to the popular Chrome browser
  • Ability to block sites with their content type

App Smart Cookie Secure Web Browser: fast + private a compact browser, secure and powerful that it has the consent of Android users Score 4.2 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the original version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Smart Cookie Secure Web Browser