[Smart File Manager-File Explorer & SD Card Manager v1.1.4 [Premium
The smart, simple and efficient Android file manager application
Full premium version of the program worth $9.99

All Android smartphones use various default programs. After purchasing a smart device, you are faced with a list of startup apps, one of the most important of which is a file management tool. This application helps you access and manage all files in your memory at any time. One of the shortcomings of Android phones is their default apps, which lack desirable features. Therefore, users try to go towards auxiliary tools and take advantage of their device’s maximum potential. Smart File Manager-File Explorer & SD Card Manager is the title of a smart, simple, and efficient file management application developed by Selfie Beauty Photo Editor: Beauty Camera, Filters and published on Google Play. This software provides a completely simple environment to access a set of management options and easily organize your files. It is better to ignore the introduction of common features seen in other similar programs and go to the available practical features to save your valuable time; the first popular feature of this software is the hidden folder that allows you to hide your files such as images, videos, and documents and prevent others from accessing them. If you keep important files and are worried about accidental deletion, the trash feature eliminates any concerns and provides a two-step deletion mode for you. Easily execute compressed files or convert multiple files to compressed mode to prevent memory storage from filling up.

Some features and capabilities of the Smart File Manager-File Explorer & SD Card Manager Android app:

  • Access to all files in memory and experience flawless management
  • A collection of common and popular management options
  • View full details of each file and folder
  • Connect file manager to cloud servers and increase storage memory
  • Hide images, videos, and important documents in a special folder
  • Two-step delete mode for preventing any errors
  • FTP connection support for remote file management
  • View recent files and search among your files
  • Run compressed files and convert multiple files to zip

The Smart File Manager-File Explorer & SD Card Manager application, with its various features and user-friendly environment provided by its developer, has been released for $9.99 in-app purchase and has received a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating by Google Play users. You can now download the latest premium version from the direct links of the Usroid website.


Smart File Manager