Smart Lens – OCR Text Scanner, QR code reader v4.1.1 [Pro] – Android image scanning text application
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If you ask an ordinary person how to extract text from photos, he will definitely tell you to prepare a pen and paper and start writing the contents of the photo. But in addition to wasting time, this solution is practically unusable in cases where the content is very large. One of the best solutions to solve such problems is to use OCR technology. Smart Lens Full – OCR Text Scanner, QR code readerTitle is a versatile application for scanning text on photos and extracting them for Android, developed by Duy Pham (MMLab) and published in the large Google Play Market. One of the first features of this program that attracts everyone is its extensive support for different languages; In such a way that it is enough to take a photo of the document or anything else and then leave the extraction of text to this startup. High-speed Smart Lens delivers each type of text in less than a few seconds as a separate file. In addition to the ability to extract texts, it is also possible to scan QR barcodes, which has made this program a completely professional and complete tool.

Some features and capabilities of Smart Lens – OCR Text Scanner, QR code reader for Android:

  • High speed and accuracy in detecting text on images
  • Support for 56 languages ​​online Online Causes of Persian Sweet Language
  • Supports 18 languages ​​offline
  • Scan QR barcodes in various formats
  • Extract all the information in the barcodes
  • Ability to select an image from the smartphone gallery
  • Translate texts extracted by Google
  • Cut your favorite part of the pictures

App Smart Lens – OCR Text Scanner, QR code reader to benefit from the features and capabilities that variety has been able to thousands of downloads and payment of interstitial 9.49 dollars a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version Download it professionally from Usroid popular website .

Changes in version v4.1.1:

* Improve the ability and fix program problems


Smart Lens Full - OCR Text Scanner, QR code reader