[Smart Lockscreen protector v2.4.3 [Premium – Android lock screen security bug fix application
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Undoubtedly, the Android operating system, like other existing operating systems such as Linux, Windows, iOS and…, has bugs that in some cases, users try to use these bugs to bypass the lock screen and go to the Android device. You penetrate! Of course, as we mentioned, this bug does not exist in all devices and not everyone can use it to infiltrate your device. One common way to bypass the screen lock is to use the status bar; In such a way that the hacker tries to block any access to the Internet, GPS, etc. by accessing the notifications page in the initial stage, and then start his activities. In this post, we are going to introduce a general and practical solution to eliminate any problem in this field. Smart Lockscreen protector Premium as a smart lock screen protectorIt is an Android device developed by nez droid and published in the big market of Google Play. Contrary to the descriptions of other Iranian sites, this software deactivates the status bar in the first step so that the intruder cannot activate the flight modes and then proceed to advance his goals. It is even mentioned in the developer’s description that when you press the power button for ten seconds, this software will not be deactivated and it will professionally protect your lock screen. Unlike other programs published in this field, you will not have any excessive battery consumption, and it can even be said that its consumption from the device resources is zero.


Smart Lockscreen protector


Smart Lockscreen protector security application with a special and unique feature has been able to pay more than half a million active downloads by paying within the $ 6.06 network and got a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users, who also Now you can download the latest premium version from the direct links of Usroid site.