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Every electronic device around us, from smart devices and smartphones to simple devices such as flashlights and ساده from simple to advanced circuits, have been created, each with specific tasks. Each circuit consists of several smaller components such as power supplies, resistors, capacitors, sensors in smartphones, and که that work together to do different things. In this post, we are going to simulate the construction of circuits logically with their actual use in your Android device! Smart Logic Simulator Premium Unlocked is a great software for building different types of circuits by special options and sensors in the Android smart device.Developed by Tomasz Czart and published on the Google Play Store. It all depends on you and your logic and you can infinitely simulate and test the circuit! Just put your amazing ideas on the screen to get a special result. For example, all you have to do is adjust the available tools and options using the sensors so that when you enter a dark environment or a sudden power outage, the camera flash turns on completely automatically, or by connecting the device to a special practical charge. Take place. Do not miss this logical intelligence simulator and join us to challenge your mind and your abilities to receive it.


Smart Logic Simulator


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