Smart Ruler Pro v2.7 – Android Smart Ruler Tool App,
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In a world where everything is becoming digital, developers are able to turn everything into functional code and place it in the heart of Android devices. So far, various tools that have a physical version in the real world have been turned into functional applications and shared in Android markets. Usroid site also intends to acquaint you with a smart and practical tool by following the daily programs published in this post. Smart Ruler Pro is a smart line drawing tool developed by Smart Tools co for Android developed and published in the Google Play Store. With this program, you will be able to access an accurate ruler at any time and place and measure the dimensions of anything in the shortest possible time. Given the name of the program, you may think that you are dealing with a simple ruler, but you should know that apart from the ruler, you will have access to 5 other tools that make it much easier for you to measure anything. Aside from the ruler, one of the most widely used tools is the level and conveyor, which allows you to measure the smoothness of any surface and know what the angles are. Make the most of multi-touch mode to save all recorded sizes as accurately as possible. Apart from the main feature of Smart Ruler Pro software, which we have described, two different units are included in the heart of the Smart Roller, which you will have access to according to your needs.


Smart Ruler Pro


App Smart Ruler Pro supports six different tools and applications has been able to price of 1.5 dollar Score 4.8 from 5.0 from users supermarket giant Google acquired the like can always newest version purchased it from the website visited Usroid received And easily measure the dimensions of everything.