Smart Tools Pro -All in One v1.0.IN – Android application toolkit app
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Smart Tools Pro -All in One is a collection of application tools in the form of a comprehensive application developed by Angel Appz programming studio for Android devices.Developed and published. More than 24 different tools are included in this software, to access them you only need to install one software, the tools used in this collection are amazing and without the need for additional programs can cause many problems. Fix users. One of the features of Smart Tools, which is usually seen in the form of separate applications, is the intelligent system of scanning QR codes so that you can easily scan your barcodes intelligently and their information in a way Get accurate. Furthermore; The main tools used in this software include speedometer, compass, full-featured scientific calculator and protractor, which in many cases help users and solve problems.

Some features and tools of Smart Tools Pro -All in One Android:

  • A smart tool to turn Android devices into a bright flashlight!
  • Powerful barcode reader to quickly scan barcodes and extract information contained in them
  • Scientific calculator for performing any mathematical calculations
  • Converter full of features to convert a variety of units to each other
  • Accurate and professional compass with unique graphics
  • A unique tool for detecting magnets and all kinds of ferrous metals!
  • High-altitude altimeter based on GPS device
  • Lux meter to test the amount of ambient light to perform various activities
  • Turn your Android device into a speedometer and odometer
  • Write quick notes and create daily to-do lists
  • Simple stopwatch with various control functions
  • Powerful magnifying glass with autofocus!
  • Display smart device information
  • Smart ruler to measure the length of any object
  • And more than 9 different tools

App Smart Tools Pro -All in One only hours of its release in the Android Market passes so far only five active installed by downloading and installing the purchased version of the site Farsrvyd no doubt it’ll be one of the first global users.

Changes in version v1.0.IN:

* The program is in the initial version and has not changed so far