[Smart Video Compressor and resizer v1.8 [Mod Ad-Free – Android smart video compressor application
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Most of the files in the memory of Android smart devices are video files, many of which are several hundred megabytes in size due to their high quality; Just save some of these clips to your device memory, then you will see a reduction in data storage space. Due to this issue, in this post, we intend to solve many problems in the field of large video files by introducing a small and practical app. Smart Video Compressor and resizer AD-FREETitle is a smart tool for compressing videos for Android, developed by Clogica and published in the big Google Play Market. Using a special and unique system, this software helps to change the size of the video and compress it significantly by making changes in its quality. If you think that part of the existing video file is extra, just cut it and see a significant change in size. Unlike many similar startups that have a complex environment, Smart Video Compressor uses as simple an environment as possible. It is better not to miss this wonderful tool and read on to get it.

Some features and capabilities of Smart Video Compressor and resizer Android application:

  • Compress video files as much as possible
  • Ability to make changes in file size and change their quality
  • Ability to cut and delete unnecessary parts of video clips
  • High speed in storing output and edited files
  • Very simple and easy user interface
  • Supports various video formats

App Smart Video Compressor and resizer to benefit from the features and capabilities that variety has given thousands of Android users draw that can now have the most recent version without advertising it without any restrictions and advertising servers, high-speed Usroid in Iran Receive.


Smart Video Compressor and resizer