Smash Hit Premium v1.4.3 + Premium / Unlimited Balls – addictive and fantastic game “Smash Hit” Android + trailer!
Premium and paid version of the game + Premium version / mode with unlimited ball individually
100% tested and healthy + Exclusive tutorial on making the game premium!
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Smash Hit can be introduced as one of the most beautiful, popular and exciting low-volume Android games, which is at the top of the top Android games with more than 100 million downloads from Google Play , and has been requested hundreds of times by dear users of the site. Was given and we decided to provide you with the latest premium version and its mode for free. In this game, you have to leave the rooms one after the other in different types of environments with a limited number of metal balls that you have at your disposal by creating noise and breaking crystals and entertain yourself for hours! Very beautiful sound of breaking glass or the sound of the ball hitting the obstacles all play  Smash HitHand in hand to experience an incredibly beautiful game. If you are looking for an addictive game for your Android device that you will not get tired of, we offer you the wonderful Smash Hit game that will surely nail you to the phone for hours, days and months and is an experience. It will bring you different from a unique game!

Some features of Smash Hit Android game:

  • More than 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles
  • Play a variety of very beautiful and pleasant music while playing
  • Break the glass and crystals ahead to advance the game
  • Availability of a variety of achievements to collect
  • Very good graphics due to its small size – less than 50 mg

Smash Hit game currently has a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 in the Android Market , which we provide the latest and latest version of it in Usroid for the first time in Iran for free and with a direct link. Exclusive tutorial on premium game is also shown in the following video!

Changes in version v1.4.3:

* Fixed various problems and improved game graphics


Smash Hit Premium




Premium video tutorial for smash hit Android game:


first stage :

Activate your elephant-breaker (a transition program like Hotspot Shield; Super VPN; Hula VPN, etc.). Go to the phone settings and then the application management section and clear the cache of all Google applications (Google Play Services, Google Play Store,…) = The purpose of clearing the cache is to click on the applications and in the new page Click on Clear cache.

After this, Google Play paid programs should be displayed for you; Dorsa do this step to test run the Google Play Store app and search for: Asphalt ………… .. If Asphalt 8 into the list of the right have done otherwise go somewhere Cartoon Mylng·h please do not leave the two ????


The first stage of premium making Smash Hit Android game - 1


second stage :

Run Smash Hit; Do you see GET PREMIUM on the top right !?


The second premium stage of Smash Hit Android game - 1


Click on GET PREMIUM to open the new page as follows; Click on Restore Purchase:


The second stage of making premium Smash Hit Android game - 2


Did you click on Restore Purchase !? what happened ?! Congratulations, your game has been converted to the premium version and the GET PREMIUM option has been removed from the top right.


The third premium stage of Smash Hit Android game - 3


This game was tested tonight by the website management (servant: Omid) and the photos were taken by me and we hope you can enjoy the game by premium.

Premium the game; The paid version of the game is at your disposal so that you can go through all the steps