Smashy Brick v2.01 + Mod – “Professional Brick Breaker” arcade game for Android devices
Normal version + Mod version (infinite star + open skin and levels) individually
tested with offline execution

Smashy Brick – Professional brick breaker is the name of a fun and entertaining game from the American studio Bulldozer Games, which is made and released in the style of arcade. This game is available for free to Android players around the world, but has in-app payments. Farsrood at your requestAzizan has prepared, reviewed and published this game for download in a tested and free form. In addition to the original version, we have also released a separate mod version of this game so that you, dear ones, can experience this game indefinitely. Smashy Brick game is in the famous, popular and classic style of Brick Breaker, but the creator of the game has tried to make it more attractive by adding more and more modern features, and it must be said that Bulldozer Games studio has been able to achieve this goal because the brick game Professional Breaker is a different and very fun game among hundreds of similar games. To make this game more exclusive and more different, the game developer has used another interesting idea for it.


Smashy Brick


In the game Smashy BrickInstead of dragging a wooden pad like this, you should try to draw a virtual pad yourself! To do this, you have to draw a line with your finger and use it to throw the ball. You can draw this line as you wish, but you should note that the design of the line drawn by you must be of a sufficient standard to throw the ball. The faster and more powerfully you draw the lines, the more power the ball (character) throws. Apart from this, the professional brick-breaking game has various other items, among which there are various characterizations and even a simple story line. Smashy Brick has more than 120 different stages designed, each of which in turn can entertain your account. As you progress through the stages, their difficulty level also increases, but in the end, this game does not lose its fun mode. In addition to these sections, in Smashy Brick, there are 12 characters with special features that you can use their capabilities and abilities. If you enjoy the classic brick-breaking games and you are looking to reminisce in a modern way, we recommend that you do not miss the attractive and beautiful game Smashy Brick, and go to the download box right now.Go to Usroid and get the latest version of it in normal or modded form from Usroid servers.

Important Note: Please note that this is the latest game update for 2016, and this game is for users only. The game has been tested by us on new Androids and has run without any problems, but please note that due to the game being old, there is a possibility that you will not be able to install or run the game properly on new devices.