Smiling Mind v3.8.0 – Android mental health application
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As we care about our physical health, we must pay special attention to mental health and prevent fatigue. Having a calm mind and spirit helps you to do your activities properly and maximize their productivity. Meditation is one of the best ways to boost your mood, which very few people pay attention to. Smiling MindIs the title of an application for maintaining mental health for the Android device, which was developed by Smiling Mind and published on Google Play. Designed by psychologists and meditation instructors, this professional software helps you to spend a few minutes each day on your mental health and finish the activities in complete peace. One of the most important features in the above app is the category of all options meditation so that you can use them in different situations such as while at work, while studying and و. The duration of each course is only ten minutes, which does not interfere with your activities. If you use this startup continuously and over time, all the information related to your courses will be stored in the program and you can see your progress. Some of the meditation courses in this collection are offered with special accents related to different regions of the world, which will greatly increase the impact of the courses. To prevent forgetfulness, meditate and set the available timer so that you never lose sight of the health of your mind and soul.

Some features and capabilities of Smiling Mind Android application:

  • Different courses of meditation to have a calm mind and psyche
  • Categorize all meditation options into different groups
  • Smart reminder to prevent forgetting to attend courses
  • Provide training in just ten minutes per day
  • Achieve optimal results and increase the quality of life when using the program
  • See your progress with continuous use
  • Very simple and easy user interface

Application Smiling Mind by providing training practical to achieve peace of mind has ever given more than half a million people, and get rated 4.2 out of 5.0 by the reception, which can now use the newest version without ads Download from the popular and large Usroid website . This app is introduced at your request.


Smiling Mind