SMS to Text Pro v1.9.5 – Android SMS backup application
Purchased version worth $ 1.49

SMS to Text Pro is a great program for backing up and converting short messages to text files in CSV format for Android devices.Is by which you will be able to restore the backups with the simplest possible mode. The great ability of this software that makes it increasingly popular is the backup formats; Because in addition to CSV format, you will be able to convert them to various formats such as Excel, email or text formats and easily run them on any other operating system such as Windows and view your messages. To restore backups on your new Android device, just call it through the program after transferring the backup to memory. Other special and wonderful features of SMS to Text Pro include a set of functional filters! So that you can back up only a part of the short messages based on the date, conversation and message type.

Some features and capabilities of SMS to Text Pro Android application:

  • Support for emoticons used in text messages
  • Filter backup by dialog, date or message type
  • Tashneh backup in various formats such as plain text files, Excel or email
  • Directly attach text messages to sent emails
  • Select the date and format of the backup
  • Great support for Unicode UTF-8
  • Support for Windows and Linux to run backups

Applications SMS to Text Pro has priced its $ 1.49 Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 by users Play store, as always can obtain the newest version and purchased directly from the massive database of site Farsrvyd downloaded.

Changes in version v1.9.5:

* Troubleshooting in Android 4.4