Snapshot Pro v2.23 + Key – Quick camera setup and image capture application in Android
Full version with dedicated activation key

Sometimes it happens to us that due to lack of quick access to the camera of our device, we miss many beautiful scenes and we can not record them, normally to access the camera, we must first turn on the screen and Then select the camera app by entering the password and logging in to the Android phone; But Snapshot Pro helps you quickly access your Android smartphone camera and capture high-resolution and attractive images. To use SnapshotAll you have to do is install this application on your device and then apply the required settings on it. First select the camera access programs and then select the camera activation position to activate the camera quickly by placing your device in that mode. One of the unique features of this attractive program is that you can activate the camera even if the screen is off and locked, which can be very useful in sensitive situations. In addition, all camera programs are available and can be You can easily introduce your favorite camera to the app.

Some features and capabilities of Snapshot Pro Android app:

  • Quick launch of the phone camera with a locked screen!
  • Select your favorite camera app to use (Not all apps are supported in lock screen mode)
  • Use different camera apps just by placing the Android device in different modes
  • Very low battery consumption (almost zero)
  • Turn on the screen to activate the app and shoot
  • Hold the smartphone in a fast position to activate the camera
  • Delay detection!

The Snapshot Pro app , which is one of the most useful and compact tools, has been released for free on Google Play, and to activate it, you have to buy a $ 1.20 key. It has a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 , which you can now get the latest version of it with the activation key from Usroid high-speed servers .

Changes in version v2.23:

* Fixed application problems