Sobotta Anatomy Atlas v2.10.6 FULL Unlocked – Excellent Human Body Anatomy Application for Android
Complete and unlocked version of the app worth about $35!
Tested with fully offline operation

The Sobotta Anatomy Atlas is one of the most comprehensive and popular human body anatomy applications for Android. It has been developed by GmbH Medical Studio and has been downloaded by Android users worldwide more than 500,000 times. Its paid version, which is now introduced to you users on Usroid, includes +1600 different body structures. By installing this application on your Android device, you can accurately view all internal human body parts with great detail and obtain complete information about body structure. The upcoming anatomy program is designed for healthcare professionals, students, and learners and will bring a complete laboratory to your smartphone! The body anatomy atlas includes thousands of large and HD images along with explanations of various parts of the human body and can be used as the best tool for learning, studying, and reviewing anatomy identification.

Some features and capabilities of the Sobotta Anatomy Atlas Android app:

  • Includes 1600+ anatomical structures
  • Three languages: English/English, English/Latin, German/Latin
  • Displays complete information about each body structure
  • Includes full HD images with user zooming capability
  • Simple user interface with no annoying ads

The Sobotta Anatomy Atlas app is available for free on Google Play, but it is incomplete. However, the version we are providing for you is the full and paid version, worth about $35! It is worth mentioning that this app has received a 4.2 out of 5.0 rating, and we at Usroid have responded to our friends’ requests by introducing the full version of this app along with its offline database, which will install and run without any problems on relatively powerful Android phones with Android 4.4.


Download Sobotta Anatomy Atlas - excellent human body anatomy app for Android + database