[Sobriety Counter – Bad Habits v2.0.2 [Premium – Android addiction and bad habits quitting application Premium
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We all know that addiction to anything is destructive and affects life! It does not matter what you are addicted to, from drug addiction to book addiction and cyberspace can inflict an irreparable blow on humans. Hence the developers of the Android operating system have come to the aid of their users. Sobriety Counter – Bad Habits Full Unlocked is a great app to help you quit addiction and bad habits by despDev for AndroidDeveloped and published. This great counter helps you to quit your addiction as soon as possible and return to your normal life by tracking your activities and displaying the obtained statistics. One of the strengths of this software is the reward system, so that all the expenses that you used to spend on drugs or anything else in the past are saved and at the end of each week, the amount is shown to you. You can find out how much this cost can help improve your quality of life. Write down your goals to break your habits so that you are always in front of your eyes and do not give up on achieving your desires.

Some features and capabilities of Sobriety Counter – Bad Habits Android application:

  • A simple and very easy environment to break bad habits
  • Help to quit drugs, alcohol, caffeine and…
  • Customize your bad habits!
  • Reward system to show your weekly cost savings
  • The countdown system indicates the time left and the money saved
  • Add your motivation to quit a destructive habit
  • View detailed statistics about your addiction
  • Access a collection of quotes from elders
  • Protect the program with a PIN code
  • Backup on Google Cloud Servers

Application Sobriety Counter – Bad Habits   has managed to be one of the best software in the field of bad habits and addictions Rating 4.7 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now use the newest version of the Premium program to Get it completely free from the huge database of Usroid site.


Sobriety Counter – Bad Habits