Soccer Manager 2023 – Football v3.2.0 – Football management and simulation game “Football Manager 2023” for Android
Special version for 2023 of the Soccer Manager series
Tested with online play

Soccer Manager 2023 – Football – مدیر فوتبال 2023 is a special version of the Soccer Manager game series from the English studio Invincibles Studio Ltd, which, as in previous years, has been released for Android devices for free. After thorough testing and review, Usroid has prepared and released this game on the web, providing you with the latest official version. This studio has also developed Soccer Manager 2022 and Soccer Manager 2021 in previous years. Soccer Manager 2023 – Football is designed in the same language as its previous versions. The similarities in designs, processes and game mechanisms are so close that at first glance, no one can notice the differences. In fact, the most important change in Soccer Manager 2023 – Football compared to previous versions is related to transfers, team kits and general information about football clubs. Although there are no major changes in graphics, designs and gameplay in general, updating teams and player information can be the most important factor in creating new versions of these types of games.


Soccer Manager 2023 - Football


In Soccer Manager 2023 – Football, you play the role of a football club manager and must professionally manage a team and all its players. The game has two main sections. One of these sections involves building a team from scratch, where you can create your own personal team by selecting a club name, designing kits, and so on. However, the exciting part of the game is the default team management section. In Football Manager 2023, you can select football teams from famous clubs around the world in various leagues and manage your desired team. It is possible to participate in league competitions, and you can make necessary changes for each game before it starts. With the start of games, you can only follow the game process quickly and witness the teamwork of your players and strengthen your strategies. Soccer Manager 2023 – Football is licensed by FIFPRO and has the official right to use the names of teams and players. More than 900 club teams from 35 reputable leagues around the world, along with 25,000 footballers, have been designed and reconstructed in this version, which is in itself a highly commendable mobile game! If you are a fan of sports and management games and want to have an up-to-date game with information on teams and players, Soccer Manager 2023 – Football will be one of your best choices. To learn more about this title, you can watch the introduction trailer video and screenshots and then download the game for your Android device through the Usroid download section.

  1. The Soccer Manager 2023 – Football game can only be installed and run on 64-bit devices of the arm64-v8a type.
  2. The game is completely online and cannot be run offline.
  3. To connect properly to the game servers, you must first change your own IP.
  4. Before running the game, make sure that Google Play Games is up to date and that you are logged in to your Google account.
  5. Due to its strong security system and online nature, this game cannot be modded or hacked in any way.