Sokoban Coon – Puzzles & Labyrinths v1.04 – Raccoon puzzle game and Sokoban puzzles Android + trailer
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Sokoban Coon – Puzzles & Labyrinths – Sokoban Coon – Puzzles & Labyrinths is an interesting title of a fun puzzle game in the style of Sokoban puzzles, developed by the French studio DJINGAREY and published as a paid game for $ 3.49 on Google Play it is arrived. As the title of the game shows, the style of puzzles in this game is in the style of Sokoban or Sokoban. In this type of game, the puzzles are in the form of boxes that must be placed on the marked points. The player must find the right way to place these boxes so that the way to shake the other boxes is not blocked. The best possible example for this type of game is Push Maze PuzzleIs. Of course, in Push Maze Puzzle, all puzzles were done in two dimensions, but not in Sokoban Coon, and the whole game and its designs are completely three-dimensional. The game view is very convenient and the camera accompanies the main character of the game. Sokoban Coon is the story of two friends named Talak and Mango. Talak is a raccoon and Mango is a red panda. The two characters are two archaeologists who go to Egypt to investigate historical events, but when Mango leaves Talak to explore part of the Totanraton pyramid, he is trapped and dragged into the pyramid! Now you have to act as the protagonist raccoon to save your friend and save him as soon as possible.


Sokoban Coon


In the game Sokoban CoonIn order to find Mango and save him from the trap he is trapped in, you have to go through 6 main sections and go through dozens of puzzles and a winding path. All of these paths are filled with various and in some cases very challenging puzzles! The style of play is very simple and there is no hassle doing it. Just move to the boxes with the help of the specified virtual buttons and move them to the switches and place them on them to activate the buttons. By activating all the items, the entrance to the next section will open for you. Your path may be blocked by obstacles such as rocks. In this case, you have to solve these problems with sub-items such as using a hammer to break the stones or using a shooting item to quickly send the boxes to the end of a line by throwing them to the end point. Game Sokoban Coon – Puzzles & Labyrinths also has an interesting section called Level Editor where you can design a map and a puzzle stage yourself and put the items where you want them! You can also share your steps with others through the Step Sharing section. You can easily download the latest version of this game with one clickGet Usroid .

Changes in version v1.04:

* Fixed various game bugs.