Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks Solitaire v24.3.3 – Interesting card game “Card Show” for Android
A simple but very well made and attractive game in the style of individual card games
Tested with offline performance

Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks Solitaire – Card Show is a very entertaining, beautiful and highly well-made title from Jam City, Inc., which is offered in the style of solo card games and is available for free to Android users. Located around the world. Usroid has decided to publish this beautiful and lovely game at your request and as the first Iranian website. The prestigious Jam City studio is very interested in making games like this and has released many fantasy and childish titles in the style of puzzle and card games, including games such as Kitty City, Snoopy Pop, Vineyard Valley: Design Story and Cookie. Jam Blast is among the most popular. The full name for this game on Google Play is Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks Solitaire Free & Fun. In this game, you enter a magical world called Solitaire Showtime or magic card show and in the role of a magician, you will play magic with the cards and arrange a beautiful show with them. This game is made in the style of Tri Peaks and is followed in groups of 3. This game has two main parts, stage (offline) and a part called Club (online). In the step section, you can follow the main steps of the game and go to the next section by solving each step to unlock more items. In the Club section, you can also play online with friends and other players from around the world.


Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks Solitaire Free & Fun


Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks Solitaire Free & Fun is very relaxing and beautiful. This game is offered in the popular style of solo card and is designed with the same features of the classic version. In this game, you have the task to remove the main handle of the cards that are in the middle of the page by wristing other cards at the bottom of the page and empty the page of these cards to win that stage. How to play is very simple. Just connect each card at the bottom to a card with a larger or smaller number. Number means the value of each card. For example, if there is a K (King) card at the bottom, you can select either the Q (Queen) or A (Ace) card from the middle of the screen to match the K Card. But sometimes the bottom card does not match any of the cards on the screen. In this case you have to give a new hand and replace a new card. If you increase the speed of your action and select and delete several cards in a row with high speed, you can benefit from the special combo point. Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks Solitaire Free & Fun designs are very attractive and professional but at the same time simple. Fantasy and cartoon graphics of this game can delight both adults and children. If you are a fan of solo card games, especially Tri Peaks style, do not miss Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks Solitaire Free & Fun and download the latest version of it as a test from Usroid right now. It is noteworthy that the game Solitaire Showtime with more than 100 thousand downloads in a short time was able to reach an incredible score of 4.8 out of 5.0.


Changes in version v24.3.3:

*Various optimizations and game troubleshooting