Solo Knight v1.1.311 + Mod – play a central role and action “Knight only” for Android
version + common mode version (listed property) individually
tested by running offline

Solo Knight – Knight is just a role-playing and action game in the style of idle and entertaining gameplay, which has been developed by the Chinese studio shimmer games and has been released for free. Usroid as always and as the first website among all Iranian sitesThis game has been prepared and prepared for you dear ones. Solo Knight game is made with a simple and special idea. This game is a role-playing and action title whose style and context are slightly different from similar games. There are some very special features in this game, but not all of them can be considered very great and positive! For example, every time you run a game, you have to start from scratch, which means you don’t have to save your game process! Another strange feature of the game is that there are no menus or settings or even an output button. Of course, this may be due to the fact that the game has been released on a trial basis. Maybe future versions of Solo Knight will be very different. However, it must be said that the Knight is actually a hobby and record-breaking title just because of these issues. In this game, you play the role of a knight who starts a battle from scratch! He has no weapons at the beginning of the game. But as soon as he kills several enemies, he is given the first weapon, a bow. The game starts from this moment and you have to follow the game with one goal, which is to improve the level of this knight.


Solo Knight


In the game Solo KnightThe gameplay is done automatically (Idle), you actually only have the task of managing and upgrading the game’s character. Although by tapping on different points, you can direct the character of the game in that direction, but as soon as you stop doing it for a second, he will automatically move in the right direction. Your only direct action in battles is to change the knight’s weapons, as well as to use special forces that are activated every few seconds. But just because the game automatically follows the trend doesn’t mean you don’t have a role to play! Choosing a weapon and using special forces in a timely manner are two of your main tasks for progress. The basis of the game’s designs is generally humorous and fancy. That’s why there is no particular violence in this game. Your enemies are funny creatures that attack you and are often destroyed by a single blow. By destroying enemies and collecting their coins, you can buy better weapons, armor, special skills and the like. The game is graphically designed in two and a half dimensional mode. The whole map is pure darkness except for the point where you stand, and when you move toward any point, it lights up. Therefore, it is better to bring your knight back a little so that he will not be surrounded if he encounters a huge wave of enemies.Usroid will invite you to download this beautiful game in two normal and modified versions.

Note:  In the first moment of running the game, you need internet to load some information. After entering the main section, you can disconnect your internet.