So far, we have introduced dozens of different software in the field of taking notes and recording events and daily tasks for Android, all of which were the best, and from them can be items such as Evernote, TT Note, Lecture Notes, Wiz Note and so on. Today, we are going to introduce another of the best and most popular note-taking programs called  SomNote – Beautiful note app , which you can use to write down all your ideas and tasks in a simple and user-friendly environment. Use it wonderful and practical. The good thing about this appCompared to other note-taking programs, you can create an unlimited number of folders for your notes, for example, you can create folders with different titles such as daily tasks, passwords, shopping lists, and so on. Create and save an unlimited number of notes in each folder! You will also be able to sync this app for managing notes and other tasks with your friends’ computers and tablets, and bring the best Note app experience to your Android phone .

Some features and capabilities of SomNote – Beautiful note app for Android:

  • Having beautiful widgets to put on the mobile home screen
  • Having a history tab to save your previous notes with the exact date
  • Having a trash can to restore old deleted notes
  • Having a powerful password function to put the password on the application
  • Create and edit your notes and update them in pairs
  • Having a powerful search function for accurate search among notes
  • Ability to share your notes via Facebook, Twitter and email
  • Organize your notes by creating custom folders with a variety of display modes
  • Ability to store notes on cloud servers for permanent access!
  • Being different versions of the program for Android , iPhone and web operating systems
  • Ability to import notes from other applications and the ability to save for other applications
  • Ability to attach custom files including documents, photos and videos to notes up to 1 GB

All the upcoming features are embedded in the powerful  SomNote – Journal / Memo program for free, and today we have put the latest version of it in Usroid for you, and we recommend it to you who are looking for an easy note-taking program. Let. The program is offered for free with in-app payment on Google Play, and we have offered the paid version and its premium version with all the features for download!

Note: In the new version, the name of the program has been changed to SomNote – Beautiful note app.


SomNote - MemoDiarySketch