Song Engineer v21.6 – Android song engineer for
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Each song is made up of different pieces of music. These pieces come together in a special rhythm and harmony and create songs. After the composer has created the melodies and the various pieces of music have been played and played by different musicians, each of these pieces must be put together using a special instrument to compose the songs. We usually see such tools in music recording studios, but with the advent of software, most of these electronic devices and even instruments have become software and can be run on smartphones, today with one of these Software is at your service. Song Engineer is an app for composing algorithms for the Android operating systemDeveloped by GyokovSolutions and priced at $ 7.99 on Google Play. Composition in this program is done by an algorithm that is able to create harmonies and melodies for different instruments such as piano, bass, guitar and so on. For each of the compositions, you can choose the tonality of the song, the type of composer and the tempo. The songs have different sections, for each of which you can specify the type (Vers, Intro, and 2), the scale of the root and type, and the length (load). When you change the tonality of new songs, a new structure for the song is created based on the new tonality, then you can change and adjust different parameters for each part of the song. To create a new song, just click on the Compose Song button. For each song, harmony and melody are automatically created for all available instruments. In the program settings, you can specify the instruments that each section includes. You can recompose any part of the song or change its position and even remove it completely from the song. In addition, you can extract any part of the song or its entirety as MIDI from the output program.

Some features and capabilities of the Android Song Engineer app :

  • Ability to edit notes and drum makers
  • Ability to select the desired tonality for the song
  • Use different parts for each song (Introduction, VERSE, PRE-CHORUS, CHORUS, BRIDGE, OUTRO and 4 more)
  • Ability to change the length of each part of the song
  • Ability to use custom instruments for each section
  • Ability to change the order of sections or delete them
  • Ability to exit the song in MIDI format

Applications Song Engineer is a powerful tool in the determination that, with the consent of Android users could Score 4.2 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the purchased version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid completely free of charge. This program is introduced at your request.

V21.5 version changes : 

* MIDI OUT settings
* Add auto lyrics composition in editing mode
* Automatic mode (elements and songs) for composing
* Real sounds


Song Engineer