Songbird Android Music Player is a popular and beautiful music player designed specifically for the Android operating system, providing easy and high-quality playback of your songs. With this player, you will be able to create playlists of your favorite songs, easily share music on social networks, and view concert photos while enjoying your music. Perhaps you are one of those users who do not care much about graphics and just want a simple music player that can play your music in the best possible way and provide some essential features alongside playback. Without a doubt, this music player is an excellent choice! This powerful and, of course, old player allows you to easily play all the music stored in your memory and listen to them. The equalizer bands also provide you with the best playback, and some essential features such as Bluetooth support for playback and creating playlists will help you have an excellent music experience. In general, if you are looking for a 100% free music player without any ads, cracks, or hacks, that can simply play your music in a simple and beautiful environment, Songbird Android Music Player is the best option.

Some of the features of Songbird Android Music Player:

  • Having 5-band equalizer
  • Easy song customization as ringtone
  • Beautiful widget for lock screen display
  • Support for podcasts and headsets
  • Support for Bluetooth car recording
  • Create editable playlists
  • Share on social networks such as Facebook
  • Support for 26 languages

Songbird Android Music Player app is one of the most popular old music players with millions of downloads, and now its latest and newest version is available. You can see some images of its interface. This player is exactly what you were looking for, beautiful and amazing! Join us at Usroid to download the latest version.


Songbird Android Music Player