Sort2Folder v1.5.2 – Application and super application for sorting Android files
Purchased version for $ 0.99 – Introduced for the first time in Iran

One of the problems that many smartphone users face is sorting their bulk files into different folders. Sometimes it takes hours to sort the file, and in the end the desired result is not achieved. If you are also facing such a problem, then join us to provide you with the first and best file sorting program for the Android operating system. Sort2Folder is a very special application for sorting files by folder for AndroidPublished by Adel Dolgov in the big Google Play Market. This smart software helps its users to categorize their files in different formats in the shortest time and enjoy the order created in the memory of their device. For each of the different file types, there are specific methods for categorizing that you only need to select. The proprietary algorithm in Sort2Folder does not cause any clutter and puts everything in a separate folder with great focus. In addition, it is better to know that all the categorization processes are done in the background of the mobile phone and do not cause any disruption to other applications.

Some features and capabilities of Sort2Folder Android application:

  • Sort file types in memory
  • Different sorting methods for different file types separately
  • Customize some specific formats for sorting
  • Put each batch of files in specific folders
  • Support unique algorithm for first among Android apps by
  • Perform all steps of background sorting operations
  • Do not interfere with the operation of the other program
  • Very user friendly environment for a variety of tastes

The Sort2Folder app has been able to get a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users based on its special capabilities at a price of $ 0.99 . As we explained in the text, this program is the first Android application in the field of file sorting, which Usroid site has introduced for the first time among Persian language websites.

Changes in version v1.5.2:

* Program fixes + various optimizations.