SoundHound ∞ Music Search v10.2.1 – Great Android music recognition app for Android!
The paid version of the app is worth $ 5.99

SoundHound Music Search application gives you a pure and fresh experience, which is to search and find different music in the world of the Internet. The way this program works is that you run it first, then the program analyzes the sounds around you and finds out what music is playing, so you can get complete information about the owner. Get the effect. SoundHound Music Search is useful when you are listening to music and would like to know who the singer is. Another thing that is interesting about this application is that you can even whisper the text of your favorite song to get complete information about it, and thus you can read it by just reading a few pieces of music. Download or buy. Note that this program is compatible with English and is not a good option at all to find Persian music.

Key Features of SoundHound Music Search:

  • Add to Spotify or Rdio playlist
  • Listen to the full song
  • Poetry display simultaneously with music playback
  • Photos of artists and their biographies
  • View album release dates and band information
  • Watch music videos, choose your favorite music videos or watch one of the available items
  • Play demos and review albums
  • Share your favorite music on Facebook and Twitter
  • Compatible and usable in Spotify, Rdio, Pandora or Google Play Radio
  • Buy songs or albums in the shortest time via Google Play
  • Check out the hottest and latest music of the day
  • Showing readers their birthday
  • Display growing or very popular music charts
  • Discover local music, areas around you
  • Similar artists and album advice to you
  • History and show your previous searches

The SoundHound Music Search app, created and released by SoundHound Studios, retails for $ 5.99 on the Play Store, and so far it has managed to score 4.6 out of 5.0 , although its popularity continues to grow. It is unlikely that his score will increase in the next few days.

Download SoundHound Music Search - Android Music Search App