SoundWire (full version) v3.0 – Android app for playing music through your computer
Offering the purchased version to you, dear users, for $3.99

Many of us keep special music on our personal computers that we haven’t saved in the memory of our smartphones. Sometimes we also want to use our smart device as a portable speaker! We have examined all your needs and provide an attractive solution to meet all of them. SoundWire (full version) is a unique application for playing music on Android devices using a personal computer, developed by GeorgieLabs programming studio and priced at $3.99. With this amazing software, you can easily stream and play all your desired audio and music files from your computer to your mobile phone without the need for any physical connection. Simply connect your Android device to your computer via Wi-Fi and play any sound professionally and remotely through your smartphone’s smart speaker. One of the most important features of SoundWire is its support for simultaneous connections; there are no limitations on playing files and the type of operating system, such as Windows, Linux, etc., is not important.

Some features and capabilities of the SoundWire (full version) Android app:

  • Live audio capture and streaming to various clients
  • Very high audio quality (44.1/48 kHz stereo 16-bit, PCM or Opus compression)
  • Very low latency (unlike AirPlay, Airfoil)
  • Compression option for much lower network usage
  • Music streaming from computer to virtual x86 execution computer (Linux or Windows)
  • Very simple and efficient interface for all users

The SoundWire (full version) application, with a range of special features, has been able to receive a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users for its $3.99 price. As always, you can download the latest purchased version from Usroid. Just keep in mind that you need to install the dedicated client on Windows or Linux to use it.

Additional notes: We offer you the download page for the client dedicated to Windows, Linux, and other operating systems: [SoundWire Audio Communication System]

* Changing the connection option so that you can connect to new clients without initial disconnection.
* Adding the “done” option.
* Resolving some issues.