Space Colony is a new and incredibly beautiful live wallpaper for the Android operating system that displays a different image of future human colonies on the home screen of your smartphone or tablet. In this wallpaper, various planets are located in space, and strange cities with towering towers can be seen. You can choose one of five different places and watch the city.

The passage of large ships through the city also gives a special charm to this live wallpaper , and on the other hand, you can adjust the brightness of the buildings and adjust the angle of view of the camera as desired, and also by touching the screen, you can make the angle Change the camera. If you are looking for a different and quality live wallpaper for your phone, we offer you Space Colony so that you can bring charm to your mobile home screen!

The amazing Space Colony wallpaper is currently priced at $ 1.95 in the Android Market and has a rating of 4.8 , which indicates its popularity with users. To view images of the above live wallpaper environment and download it for free from Usroid , refer to the following.


Space Colony