Spacelanders: 3D Sci-Fi Shooter RPG v1.7.17 + Mod – Exciting action game “Special Forces in Space” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (invincible + intense attack + get rewards) separately
Tested by running online

Spacelanders: 3D Sci-Fi Shooter RPG is an entertaining action game from TryAgain Game Studio Kft. Hungary has developed it for free and made it available to Android players around the world on Google Play. Usroid at the same time with the release of the new version of this game and after the necessary reviews, invites you to download the latest version from the end of this article. Spacelanders: 3D Sci-Fi Shooter RPG, as its title suggests, is an action and role-playing game with a science fiction and futuristic theme, in which you play the role of a professional force in space and your mission is to destroy human spaceships from aliens and dangerous creatures. To do this, you need to take up arms in the role of these special forces and go to battle with these aliens and destroy them with the powerful laser weapons you have. Spacelanders game is modeled on many games in the same genre, and has used many elements that were previously used in other games in its game to somehow follow the standards of this type of game. So it can be said that if you have experienced this style of games, you can very quickly understand the main nature of this game and get acquainted with its totality.


Spacelanders: 3D Sci-Fi Shooter RPG

In Spacelanders: 3D Sci-Fi Shooter RPG, you are in a great space battle and your enemies are a huge army of advanced alien creatures that use strange technologies to confront you. Instead, you will go against them with the help of futuristic weapons and equipment, and you will enter into battle with them in this dangerous struggle. One of the most important elements of the Special Forces game in space is looting (looting) items and resources from enemies, and you have to get better weapons in each part of the game or with the money that You get to upgrade various things. Also, from time to time, after passing a certain section, you will have the right to choose a specific skill between three options as a prize. Spacelanders: 3D Sci-Fi Shooter RPG game has simple gameplay and fancy graphics that give the game a simple look, but when your enemies are many and you also have a powerful weapon, you will see special action and spectacular scenes. This comment can be described as a very exciting game in turn. To download the latest version of this game, you can go to the Usroid box download section and download the latest version in a normal or modded way from the site. Also, if you want to know more about the appearance and gameplay of the game, you can watch the game trailer video.