Mosalingua V10.70 with Russian Speak fast and easy learning the Russian language
version of money and bought a $ 4.99 app on Google Play

Russian is one of the largest languages ​​in the world. Russian is the most widely spoken language in Europe, with 145 million native speakers and more than 110 million second-language speakers. Russian is the official language of the Russian Federation and is spoken in large parts of Eurasia. Russian is one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations. All of these factors make learning Russian a necessity for many. Learning the language has found many applicants, especially in recent years, when job and educational migration, and even recreational and tourist migration to Russia, has intensified. Unfortunately, there are not many classes and resources in our country for learning Russian, and it is difficult to find such things. But with the app we’re introducing today, you can easily learn Russian in a very short amount of time. Russian Speak with MosaLingua The title of an application for quick and easy learning of conversation in Russian with the scientific method for Android operating system, which was developed by MosaLingua Crea software group and has been published on Google Play for $ 4.99. The program focuses on two groups of learners; The first group are those who have no experience with the Russian language and want to learn their first words in this language. These people are usually the ones who have a trip to Russia and want to learn the basics of the language in a short time. The second group are those who know the basics of the Russian language and want to expand their vocabulary and terms. The program uses the SRS scientific method to teach the language. By remembering the words learned at certain times, it prevents them from learning and stabilizes them in your memory.

Some of the features and functionality of the program Speak Russian with MosaLingua Android :

  • 2000 words and phrases uttered by native speakers.
  • 14 categories of basic basic vocabulary including accommodation, transportation, shopping, tourism, social, emergency and…
  • More than 100 subsets (for example in a restaurant, hotel, shopping and negotiation, sports, party, relationship, etc.)
  • It has 9 different levels for learning from beginner to advanced
  • More than 100 rewards you receive at the end of each learning phase
  • Complete Russian dictionary to find different words
  • Latin display pronunciation of Russian words
  • Ability to create a personal dictionary and add your favorite words to it
  • Focus on the words you really need and stay away from unused words
  • Use visual and auditory memory simultaneously
  • Stop and resume learning whenever you want.
  • All courses are available offline.

Application Speak Russian with MosaLingua a great program and very useful for learning the Russian language, which many users to learn the language in a short time has helped. If you need to know Russian, we recommend this application. Speak Russian with MosaLingua, with the satisfaction of Android users, has been able to get an excellent score of 4.5 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can get the paid and purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Speak Russian with MosaLingua