[Speak to Voice Translator v7.0.9 [Ad-Free – Simple and practical Android audio translator application, ad-free
version and complete program dedicated to you dear ones
with Persian language support

Using translators is one of the fastest ways to get the meaning of texts and words in different languages. Translators, like other Android applications, have improved day by day and make the translation process much easier for their users. Due to this issue, Usroid website has so far tried to provide the best of these startups to its users. Speak to Voice TranslatorTitle is a simple and powerful Android voice translator developed by EVOLLY.APP and published on Google Play. One of the first features of this software that attracts users’ attention after installation is the variety of languages ​​supported by it, which eliminates any need for your peripherals and gives you a new experience. puts. Just touch the available option and then start talking; The app converts your voice to text and translates it for you in the shortest possible time. Unlike many similar startups that use only one specific source to translate text, this app allows you to have a better experience by taking advantage of four different sources.

Some features and capabilities of Speak to Voice Translator Android application:

  • Easy and fast translation of texts with just one hint
  • Convert user voice to text with very high accuracy
  • Support for a variety of languages, especially the sweet Persian language
  • Specific source support for translating texts
  • Ability to specify the source you want to receive an accurate translation
  • Ultra high speed compared to other similar tools

Application Speak to Voice Translator to benefit from the features and functionality of its own has been able to more than one million downloads from around the world rated 4.5 out of 5.0 by users, Google received that can now have the most recent version without ads from the website Get the popular Usroid ; This program is introduced at your request dear ones.


Speak to Voice Translator