Speech to Text Translator TTS Unlocked v3.1.5 – Universal text-to-text translator application for Android Unlocked
and complete version dedicated to you dear users

One of the problems that users of Android smart devices often face is the constant typing of texts, so that different people may type many hours a day, which apart from being very boring for Eyes are harmful! Android developers have published various programs to minimize these harms, the best of which are word-to-text conversion; Application Speech to Text Translator TTSProduced and published by the FSM SOFT Group, it helps its users to write their own texts and translate them into different languages ​​simultaneously. The feature that has made this program especially popular among users around the world is its two-way ability; In such a way that you will be able to type your texts and play the downloaded translation in any other language audio so that you can communicate with people around the world very easily and without any hassle. Easily copy typed texts by voice and share them with other users on social networks such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and!!




According to the developer of Speech to Text Translator TTS, users can use this software to learn other living languages ​​of the world; Because you will be able to speak the official language of your country and receive its translation in another language accurately. In addition, it is better to know that Speech to Text Translator TTS also supports Shirin Farsi language ! The Speech to Text Translator TTS application has been able to get a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 with more than one million active downloads, relying on its extraordinary capabilities, and now you will be able to unlock the unlocked version for the first time with access to all the features of Download Usroid site for free.

Changes in version v3.1.5:

* New features + various optimizations.