Speechnotes – Speech To Text Premium v1.77 – WordPress Conversion Note Writing App for Android
Premium Edition

With the increasing development of technology, communication methods are also advancing and new methods are being used to type texts. Various gadgets and programs for typing have been published so far, and one of the best in this field is the conversion of speech into writing. Application Speechnotes – Speech To Text Premium as a notepad for typing incredibly professional and professional audio texts for AndroidPublished by WellSource – Empowering You. All the features used in this notebook can be considered as new because it has not been seen in other applications. At the beginning of the description of the best of these capabilities, we will be able to point out the registration of writing marks; It is programmed with special sounds and it is easy to put a dot at the end of each sentence and separate the two sentences by comma. Unlike other apps released on the Android Market, the app supports a variety of Bluetooth headphones and microphones, and only typing your text at great speed by just talking. The above software has several features that you will get acquainted with most of them along with Usroid.

Some features and capabilities of Speechnotes – Speech To Text Android:

  • Record your notes by converting speech to writing
  • Toos records signals by audio shortcuts
  • High speed in converting audio to text
  • Use Google’s voice engine to increase the accuracy of notes
  • Ability to add text shortcuts, signatures and 2 audio
  • It has different fonts in different sizes
  • Very simple and beautiful design
  • Use the ability to convert speech to text offline! (Depending on the type of smartphone and hardware available)

Application Speechnotes – Speech To Text With regard to innovation in the field notes as well as payments within the network 0.99 $ 5.99 able to score 4.2 from 5.0 won already the newest version Premium for free from Usroid Get it.