[Speed ​​Camera Detector v7.0.8 [Pro – Location app for police speed cameras Android
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It has happened to all of you that sometimes you forget to have your car documents and name certificate with you or you have to drive to reach an important business meeting or a high speed meeting. In such cases, the police will identify you through traffic and speed cameras and will come to you to take the car to the parking lot! But as you know, every problem will have a solution! Speed ​​Camera Detector pro Unlocked as an application to access the exact location of speed cameras and the actual location of Android traffic policeDeveloped by Vialsoft and published in the major Google Play Market. This application, which is based on a large community of drivers, makes it easy for users to be informed of the location of the cameras by receiving alerts and voice messages, so that you can reach your speed limit. The GPS navigation system makes it possible to announce any warning according to your situation and in a completely accurate way so that the car fine is minimized. The above program has various capabilities and features that it is better to be informed about them in the following.

Some features and capabilities of Speed ​​Camera Detector Android app:

  • Simultaneous activity with other navigation programs
  • Battery saving mode by running the software in the background of the device
  • Four different modes of visualization
  • Simple and functional interface to show the nearest camera speed, camera direction and other essential information
  • Audio notifications
  • Receive notifications about the direction of the route you are traveling on!
  • Warning when breaking the speed limit
  • Sound alert when approaching a speed camera
  • Set various parameters and options related to alerts

Speed ​​Camera Detector application has been able to get a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 by Google Play users as one of the best software in the field of locating speed cameras with thousands of downloads, which you can now download the latest professional version of the program. Download from the popular Usroid website ; Our version is complete and all its features are available to you.


Speed Camera Detector