Speed ​​Dial Pro v8.0.5 – Super fast dialing app for Android,
purchased for $ 3.19

In many cases, it has happened to all of us that we want to call a number quickly and contact the person we want; There are several ways to quickly reach contacts, including calling for a long touch of a number. But in the meantime, the creative developers of Android applications have released graphical and versatile programs to meet the needs of users for making calls and speed dialing, which is Speed ​​Dial Pro.The title is one of them! Speed ​​Dial Pro software, by creating a unique graphical environment, allows smart device users to create a shortcut of their favorite contacts and place it on the screen of their smartphone. In addition to creating shortcuts to contacts, you will be able to create a number of numbers in the form of a group with the desired name and for quick access to them, put it with a personal photo as an icon, anywhere on the screen. Another great feature of Speed ​​Dialler Pro is its support for graphic effects when dialing and setting; So that you will be able to choose a custom effect for your favorite contacts!

Some features and capabilities of Speed ​​Dial Pro Android application:

  • Access contacts, dial pad and contact information
  • Create different groups of contacts and choose their name as desired
  • Put the image of the contacts on their number exclusively
  • The program starts automatically when the device is turned on
  • Touch contacts to make quick calls or text messages
  • Different effects on making a custom call for each user

The Speed ​​Dial Pro call app, with its unique feature set for fast phone calls as well as its price of $ 3.19, has managed to get a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 , which you can now buy the latest version of. Get it for free from Usroid site and have a great dialer.


Speed Dial Pro