Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop – Easy Android Remote Desktop software with special client for Windows + complete connection tutorial

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD is a great software for managing and controlling computers through Android smartphones and tablets, which you can use to easily manage and experience on your PC via the Internet. The fastest and easiest desktop remodeling application on AndroidBring your phone. With this software, you can even control the computer mouse and keyboard with a few simple clicks, or control all files, software, games and multimedia content. To date, dozens of remote software There are several desktops for Android, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the above program with excellent features and without any flaws provides you with images of the highest possible quality, ie 1080 pixels, so that You can also control a high graphics game through your Android device! Yes, maybe you would like to have access to all the information without having to move your computer to another place !? Splashtop Remote Desktop application software is designed for you to use it to control your home system professionally.

Some features and capabilities of Splashtop Remote Desktop Android application:

* Full control over the computer (mouse and keyboard) and even all the files on the hard drive

* Computer control via mobile using WiFi , Tri J and Forge connections

* Supports all Windows, Mac and even Ubuntu operating systems for phone control

* Having a very simple user interface and the easiest possible way to set up and synchronize mobile and computer

App Splashtop Remote Desktop To date more than 50 million times by Android users purchased with points 4.4 to 5.0 are that we are in Usroid latest version of it along with the data file to put you and we hope to be useful. Splashtop Remote Desktop software has two different versions for phones and tablets, both of which we have put separately for you. (The top link is for the HD version and is for tablets and the bottom link is for phones); For information, the tablet version of the app is currently on sale in the market for $ 9.99 and the smartphone version for $ 4.99 .

Changes in version v2.6.0.10:

* Various optimizations and program troubleshooting.


Download Splashtop Remote Desktop - Android desktop remote application + explanation




How to use the program:

1 – First of all, disable your Windows firewall. You can do this by referring to the following path:

Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsWindows FirewallCustomize Settings

2 – Download the Windows client program and install it on your computer and run it and create an account on the first page. Then select a password by referring to the security code and log in with your Gmail account.

3 – Download and install the software for your phone and finally run it and then exit.

4 – Establish your Wi-Fi or Tri J or Forge connection – Enter the program and enter the password you entered in the previous step in the Windows program here and finally do whatever you want with your computer!