Sportsman PRO Workout v2.30 [Unlocked] – Android professional fitness and bodybuilding application Unlocked
version with access to all features

One of the problems in technology development is the increase in people’s mobility and less exercise, which causes weight gain and upset the balance between the limbs. In addition, most people are aware of this issue and choose diets to have the right weight, it is better to know that having an ideal body and weight can only be achieved with exercise. Sportsman PRO Workout is a powerful application for building an ideal and fit body, developed by AxiomMobile for AndroidProduced and published. A set of different exercises are included in this software, each of which is placed in its own category. With its advanced programming, this smart application trains all the muscles of your body 3 days a week and helps users to achieve the desired result in a shorter time by performing the correct way of movements. There are also several different exercise programs in this software that by determining your level, you will be able to access the appropriate program and create a new bridge to your training with my sport tips as a personal trainer. The exercises used in this software can be used anywhere and you can exercise anywhere, whether on the street, at home or in the gym.

Some features and capabilities of Sportsman PRO Workout Android app:

  • Ability to automatically select sports movements according to the user’s body level
  • Various exercises to increase body flexibility
  • Remember to do exercises on different days
  • Access detailed statistics of your progress
  • Eliminate excess calories from the body
  • Simple and easy to use application interface
  • Sync app with Google Fit
  • Automatic data backup on Google Drive
  • Ability to add your inputs and results manually
  • Set an internal timer between each set

The Sportsman PRO Workout app has been released for free with in-network payments of $ 2.99 to $ 19.99 in the Play Store Android Market and has been rated 4.8 out of 5.0 by users, who can now download the unlocked version of the app from Download Usroid and join its 500,000 users worldwide.

Changes in version v2.30:

* Added the ability to like and comment!