Sprocket v1.1 – A fun and lovable arcade game for Android,
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Sprocket – chainIs the title of an arcade style game released by Pixonite game studio for $ 0.99 for Android devices. Arcade style games, especially those that have puzzle and intellectual elements and use simple mechanisms, have always been enjoyable for gamers of all ages because these games can be played at any time and the best Options for filling leisure time. Sprocket is in the same category and with a simple gameplay and environment is undoubtedly one of the best. In this game, you control a white ball that is placed on different levels that are moving. But these levels are not permanent and disappear after moving for a while. Your main task in this game is to move the white ball to another level before the end of the current level.




In the game SprocketEach time you manage to move the white ball to the next level, you get one point, and your main challenge is to be able to get the most points in each period of the game. Sprocket is easy at first and you can easily move the white ball to other levels, but gradually increasing the speed of rotation of the levels and reducing their lifespan, the game becomes more difficult and creates more challenges for you. In addition, during the game, there are various prizes, each of which is worth 15 points, and by collecting them, you can increase your score and improve your record. To succeed in the game and earn the most points, you need to think quickly and see which option is the best option to transfer the white ball to another level. All in all, although this game has a very simple mechanism, but its addictive gameplay makes every gamer spend their free time with Sprocket.Usroid has been tested and can be downloaded completely free of charge from our servers.

Version v1.1 changes:

* Release the first version of the game on Google Play.