SQL Mini Plus-SQLite Editor v3.06 – SQL Android Offline Editor App
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SQL programming language or Latin SQL is one of the most popular web programming languages ​​that all websites use this programming language to increase, decrease, change or maintain their data. کردن. There are limited applications in the Android operating system for writing, editing and executing SQL programming language files, such as SQL Mini Plus-SQLite EditorIt is in the category of these softwares. This unique program, made by Akin Apps programming company, displays users’ SQL files offline and easily, and with a set of tools, allows them to be in professional editing with tools. Write and execute your desired program on a trial basis. The intelligent system and technology used in this app easily guesses the continuation of commands entered by the user and increases the speed of the programmer in completing the code. After writing your unique code, you only need to touch an option to analyze the generated code and be informed of any errors.

Some features and capabilities of SQL Mini Plus-SQLite Editor Android application:

  • Professional sql code editor with access to a set of professional tools
  • No need for internet access to create proprietary codes
  • Execute command history for quick access to subsequent commands
  • Three different and beautiful themes with the possibility of selection by the user
  • Test the generated code to find out if there are any errors
  • Export and import your own database
  • Create, select or delete databases

Application SQL Mini Plus-SQLite Editor as one of the best backup programs from programming language sql $ 0.99 has managed rated 4.1 out of 5.0 achieved that can now for FREE version purchased it from site Usroid downloaded.


SQL Mini Plus-SQLite Editor