Squad Alpha – Action Shooting v1.6.22 + Mod – “Alpha Squad” action and tactical game for Android
Regular version + Mod version (get lots of diamonds by opening the backpack) separately available
Tested and playable offline

Squad Alpha – Action Shooting – جوخه آلفا is a simple yet very entertaining and interesting game in the action genre from the famous SayGames studio, which has been released for free on Google Play and is available to Android players worldwide. As always, we decided to prepare it for you with a mod version and for the first time in Iran, along with the release of another exciting game. SayGames, a multinational studio based in Belarus, has so far been able to become one of the most successful and active game developers among all developers by creating and releasing more than 40 different video games for various platforms such as the Android operating system. This studio has developed a wide range of mobile games such as Sand Balls, Cannon Shot, Perfect Slices, Hoop Stars, Desert Riders, Rage Road and Race Master 3D, and in a way, it can be said that it has offered a special game for every taste. The general nature of SayGames studio games is more technical, and this approach is not only seen in the content, but also in the style and context of the company’s game designs and graphics. In this article from Usroid, we intend to introduce you to another action game from this studio. So stay tuned with us.


Squad Alpha - Action Shooting


The game Squad Alpha – Action Shooting is an exciting action title where you participate in tactical battles. The main style of the game is inspired by popular games like Archero, and the design aims to reflect minimalist elements. Therefore, it must be said that Squad Alpha – Action Shooting is more of an entertaining and skillful title than an action-packed game. However, this does not mean that you have to follow a simple and predictable routine in this game. The game is designed in a way that the difficulty level increases as you progress and complete levels, to the point where there is no sign of the initial skillful style, and the game becomes a challenging title. You play as special agents from a specialized group called Alpha Squad, who are selected for difficult and sensitive missions. You can have different characters in the game and use the upgrade system to upgrade items or buy better weapons and equipment. Since the overall nature of the game is minimalist, the gameplay style is simple and free of complexity. The gameplay involves keeping your finger on the screen and moving the character towards the desired direction. As soon as your enemies are within range, the game character automatically shoots at them. Therefore, your main responsibility in Squad Alpha – Action Shooting is to make quick movements, sensitive maneuvers, and avoid enemy attacks. This beautiful and simple game with its pleasant and fantasy graphics can keep you entertained for hours. So don’t hesitate and download the latest version of this game, either in a regular or modded form, through the direct links on Usroid.