Are you tired of programs that endanger your privacy? Do you always feel the fear that your personal information and private files might be leaked by spyware programs? Are you afraid when approving requests for games and apps that require sending location and contact information? The practical software SRT AppGuard Pro is designed for you.

Software SRT AppGuard Pro is one of the most popular security applications for Android that allows you to remove any unnecessary permissions to protect your privacy from games and apps, and take a step towards the security of your smartphone.

The above software is the first application designed to monitor applications and games, and it causes the permissions of games and applications to be changed.

One of the features of SRT AppGuard Pro application is the ability to display the security status of your device, monitor applications, and install it on all non-rooted devices.


Download SRT AppGuard Pro - Android privacy app


The SRT AppGuard Pro application is now available for sale on the Android market for $5.19. You can download the latest version (2.0) for free directly from Usroid.