Stamp Shop v1.5 + Mod – a fun and entertaining game “Stamp Shop” for Android + trailer
normal version + mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with offline performance

Stamp Shop – Stamp Shop is the name of an interesting and entertaining game from yeming studio in the style of casual or casual games with management and simulation gameplay in which you set up a stamp shop in the role of a collector of old and valuable stamps. You have to make money through it. This game is available for free to Android users around the world and we are the first Iranian websiteWe have decided to introduce this game and present it to you dear ones in two versions, normal and mod. Stamp Store Game You have to collect different and valuable stamps and make a collection and a rare collection of them! In this game, stamps are the same small photos or stamps that were pasted on letter envelopes in ancient times. These images have many fans in today’s world, and old stamps are valuable and lasting for many people. This interesting idea led to the creation of the Stamp Shop game. You need to collect different stamps with different images and then sell them in your own shop, which looks like a painting gallery, and sell them to your customers. For these stamps, various categories have been considered, each of which has its own images and details.


Stamp Shop


In the game Stamp ShopYou can make money by selling stamps to customers. With the money you earn, you can expand your gallery and find more stamps. The more productive your collection, the more customers will come to you. It should also be noted that there are special and more valuable items among these stamps, and it depends on your attention and management how you prepare them for sale. Although Stamp Shop is very similar to clicker games, it can not be considered exactly an Idle Clicker game. However, the style and context of the game is very similar to games in this category. There are many funny characters and missions in the Stamp Shop. If you can make your store attractive to customers, your sales will soon increase and you can earn a lot of money. Also, do not forget that each stage of the game requires your momentary management. A customer may buy one of the stamps and the stamp will be empty in the store! So you have to replace the next ones very quickly; Otherwise, customers will be discouraged and leave your store. In general, it should be said that Stamp Shop is a simple, fun and management game that is a good offer for leisure. You can get more acquainted with the atmosphere of the Stamp store by looking at the pictures and video of the game trailer, and then, if you wish, the regular or modded version of it fromDownload Usroid .

Changes in version v1.5:

* Ability to collect gold coins during the process