Update on April 19th: Mod version of the game has been added to the download box! 🙂

Star Traders: Frontiers v3.1.42 – An interesting role-playing game for Android space traders
The full and purchased version of the game is presented to you, dear ones, for $6.99
Tested with offline execution

Star Traders: Frontiers – Space Traders is the name of an interesting and multi-purpose game that combines several game genres such as action and strategy and is presented in the form of a role-playing game. The developer and publisher of this game is the American studio Trese Brothers, who had previously released it for the PC platform and now has released its ported version for Android mobiles and tablets at a price of $6.99. In the game Star Traders: Frontiers, you play the role of a trader and a spaceship captain who travels through galaxies and trades with other traders. However, since the discovery of alien and space creatures, the conditions of the galaxy have gone beyond their calm and peaceful state and chaos has taken over. Now even humans are not united with each other and everyone is only thinking about themselves and their spaceship and crew. You are no exception to this rule! You must try to survive in this chaos and protect yourself from the threats that come your way. With the start of conflicts and the loss of peace, you cannot remain just a simple trader. It’s time to become a raider and act like a pirate! There is no other way for you. You either have to stay alive by destroying and looting enemies or perish in this harsh world very soon. Star Traders: Frontiers has multiple sections that make it less boring and repetitive. You have many responsibilities and you must perform them as best as possible. For example, you must manage your spaceship and manage your crew and servants as well as possible. The interesting designs of the game, which have been done in several parts, show that a lot of effort has been put into producing this game.

Some features of the Android game Star Traders: Frontiers:

  • Possibility of playing in a large world in the galaxy
  • Possibility of traveling to different places and facing different situations
  • Having various and numerous missions
  • Interesting character development
  • Ability to play different roles among 26 different titles including spy, merchant, captain, smuggler, adventurer, raider and many other missions
  • Possibility of personalizing and upgrading various parts of the spacecraft
  • Ability to gather different and specialized crew members for better spacecraft management
  • Existence of various battles such as space battles and role-playing and strategic battles
  • Having different modes and the possibility of playing in several difficulty levels
  • Existence of hundreds of challenges, items and other entertaining elements throughout the game

Star Traders: Frontiers is a combination of several genres in the form of an RPG title in which you must act like a captain to succeed! There are many challenges on your way and many threats will block your path in this galaxy. You can now download the latest purchased version of Star Traders: Frontiers, which has been tested, from Usroid and become the greatest captain of the galaxies! It is worth mentioning that this game, with 10 thousand downloads and obtaining an excellent score of 4.5 out of 5.0 on Google Play, is available for purchase at $6.99.

Attention: In the mod version of the game, the price of all paid items is 0 – zero.


Star Traders: Frontiers


Installation and Execution Guidelines for Star Traders: Frontiers Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.tresebrothers.games.startraders2 folder to Android/Obb on the internal memory of the device.