Stars Conqueror v3.0.3.1 – Super beautiful strategy game “Conqueror of the Stars” for Android
A very beautiful game in the style of Clash Of Clans, but this time cinematic!

Stars Conqueror – The Conqueror of the Stars is an incredibly beautiful strategy-action game from the IdealDimension gaming studio, designed as the famous Clash of Clans game and as a Sci-Fi game for Android devices , which has managed to reach more than 500,000 players in a limited time. Pull from all over the world! It is good to know that RTS games are a mixture of action and strategy genres in which they are created with a view called “Bird Sight” to allow the player to easily control the units and buildings on the game map. Unlike other sub-disciplines of strategy games, in this type of game you will have the power to monitor all movements, constructions, battles and all events in the game, and Stars Conqueror game in RTS style Is and will fascinate you! The story of the game is related to a huge nuclear catastrophe in which you must try to save the earth! You must build your powerful military base and attack online players around the world with your military forces and experience the best Android strategy game!

Some features of Stars Conqueror Android strategy game:

* Create your own base to fight players

* Provide +12 different units with the possibility of upgrade

* Defend your military base with missiles , cannons and MLRs

* Designed in HD and fantastic

* Free with regular updates and the addition of new features

Game Stars Conqueror now on Google Play has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 , which we Usroid like always step up and be the first of it’s users usual introduction and we can refer to the Read More Get it now ! Note that Stars Conqueror is online and you always need an internet connection to play.

Changes in version v3.0.3.1:

* Added new features + troubleshooting + various optimizations.


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