Starting Strength Official v1.19 – Android Strength Training Exercise App Purchased Version for $ 8.99 Presented
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Exercise, like other activities, involves several different dimensions, and different people around the world do sports for different purposes. Some people try to have a fit body and others want to have a big and different body with other people, among them there are people who are very interested in endurance training and want to increase their strength. Starting Strength Official Paid is a great application for accessing a set of strength training exercises and a continuation of a book with the same title for Android.Developed by Shabu Pty Ltd and published in the Google Play Store. Start training now and increase your strength in the simplest possible way. A set of necessary instructions and tutorials are included in this versatile app that allows you to perform various strength exercises such as squats, presses, deadlifts and به correctly. Along with each tutorial, there is a great video to learn the best, which is recorded from different angles and gives you a great view with full details. If you are a fan of strength training, do not miss this program!

Some features and capabilities of the Android Starting Strength Official app:

  • Complete and easy instructions for doing power movements such as press, squat, deadlift and…
  • Specific exercise programs displaying the number of repetitions of each movement
  • Complete and comprehensive instructional videos covering different angles
  • Detailed instructions and charts
  • Display the number of sets needed to warm up before each workout
  • Adjust the amount of rest time between each set
  • See your progress in the exercises
  • Add and save notes for each exercise
  • Useful training tips for safety tips in strength training

Starting Strength Official application , as one of the most special software available in the field of strength training and exercises, has been able to get a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 by attracting the attention of users, and now you can also get the latest version. Get it purchased from Usroid website and make significant improvements in your strength training.


Starting Strength Official