Stay Alive v0.18.0 – An exciting action game “Stay Alive” for Android
A survival and entertaining action title
Tested with online play

Stay Alive – زنده بمان is an interesting, action-packed and thrilling survival game from the Russian studio Dokole Paroli Limited. This game is available for Android operating systems completely free of charge, but with in-app purchase options, and is available to players worldwide on Google Play. Usroid, alongside the release of the game on Google Play, has reviewed and introduced the latest version of the game for download. Although Stay Alive has no new, special or unique storyline, and its overall style and context, as well as the elements used in it, are completely modeled on similar popular games, it has some very attractive features for those interested in post-apocalyptic survival games. It can even be said that Stay Alive has been able to address the issues and problems that existed in other popular games in this field, due to its time difference, and provide a different and more evolved gameplay. Although the final decision on this matter will be up to professional players, at least in appearance and based on its general features and capabilities, it must be said that Stay Alive is well-made and professionally designed.


Stay Alive


In Stay Alive, you are once again faced with a cliché and repetitive story. According to the game’s plot, the world has been destroyed due to a particular contamination. This contamination is actually a pandemic that targets humans. Anyone who becomes infected with this virus will turn into a zombie and a bloodthirsty creature. After the entire world became infected with this virus and was destroyed, you are now one of the few remaining humans in a post-apocalyptic world and must try to survive in this dangerous and deadly world. Like any other similar game in the Action Survival genre, in Stay Alive, you have many tasks and responsibilities, the most important of which are building a shelter, collecting resources, making tools and weapons to protect yourself, as well as exploring and wandering around to find healthy humans or other valuable items. The game’s view is from above and in the third person, and you can control the player in such a way that you have a wide and appropriate view of the surroundings. It should also be noted that like all action-survival games, Stay Alive has an important part in finding and looting resources and using them to upgrade items and the game’s character. To learn more about this game, you can view the game’s screenshots and then, if you wish, download the latest version from the download box section on Usroid.

1 – In the mod version, when zombies attack you, you won’t take any damage.

2 – The game data is received without any problems and runs smoothly on the first execution.