Steel Mill Manager – Tycoon Game v1.7.0 + Mod – Simulation and management game “Steel Factory Trader” for Android
Normal version + mod version (unlimited diamond) separately
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Steel Mill Manager – Tycoon Game is a fun simulation game in the style of Hong Kong Warrior Game Studio, which is available for free for Android devices. Usroid is the first Iranian website on the web that has introduced and published this game and has provided the latest version along with a modded version for download. Steel Mill Manager – Tycoon Game is a title in the management style of Tycoon games, as its name implies. This style of games has long been popular among mobile game fans and has gained a lot of popularity. Steel Mill Manager – Tycoon Game is one of these games that has been made by a studio that works in this field of games. Stay tuned to Usroid for a brief look at the main features of this title.


Steel Mill Manager - Tycoon Game


In Steel Mill Manager – Tycoon Game, you are going to start and develop a steel factory in the role of a capital businessman. Your job is to fully manage this factory and its various forces and departments. By building new subdivisions, you can expand the various departments and hire the staff of this factory and accelerate the production process of its products. You need to set up a variety of systems to strengthen your steel production lines and increase your production. You can hire different experts to make the most of this business. In order for your professionals and employees to feel good satisfaction, you can also create interesting facilities such as rest room, dining room and… for them. In Steel Mill Manager – Tycoon Game, by progressing in various sections, you get the chance to create new sections. Like all Tycoon style games, Steel Mill Manager – Tycoon Game also has upgrade conditions. By upgrading the various parts, you can be more productive and, as a result, earn more money. You can add dozens of levels to the current level of your sections. It is also possible to use smart technologies and systems for your factory so that you can eventually make this factory large and profitable. If you are looking for a fun and entertaining game of the type of simulation and management games, do not miss the Steel Mill Manager – Tycoon Game game and download the regular or modded version from the Usroid download box. In the meantime, you can share your opinion about this game with us and other Usroid users from the comments section at the end of this article.