StepLock Full – Walk & Unblock Apps v1.4 [Pro] – A mandatory and innovative Android walking app!
Professional version – introduced for the first time in Iran

Maybe you have seen people or you have been one of those people who do not value their health and have been constantly displaced. Also since the advent of Android smart devices and social networks and messengers; People spend less time on physical activity and sports and spend more time on these virtual networks. One of the best solutions available is forcing such people to play sports, and today we are going to introduce one of the mandatory solutions to you dear ones in this post. StepLock Full- Walk & Unblock Apps Pro Unlocked is the title of a mandatory and innovative walking app by leoncvlt for AndroidDeveloped and published. With the help of this versatile software, you can easily lock all the applications on your Android device and enter their password, walk and the number of steps counted by the application! Just select the list of apps you want and then select the amount of steps needed to unlock and then leave everything to Step Lock. The software’s intelligent system forces people and even you to walk to unlock the program and get rid of the problem of one seat. The only prerequisite for installing this software is the required sensors, by having them, you will be able to lose a lot of weight in a very short time. If you are one of the people living together, then do not miss this smart application and refer to the download box to download it.


StepLock Full Android


Application StepLock – Walk & Unblock Apps as a new program and innovative in the field of weight loss and prevent it from one place away for free, with payments within the network have been published can now use the newest version of its professional and Download for free from Usroid site; Our version is basically a professional and complete version of the program.

Changes in version v1.4:

* Change the method method of the program to Accessibility Services for less battery consumption.