STEPS in 50 languages ​​v12.2 – Fast and easy language learning application for Android
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There are many people living on this planet, each of whom speaks the language of their region according to their geographical location. We humans are always trying to communicate with each other and use our experiences. As we mentioned, humans speak different languages ​​and many of them are fluent in only one language. For this reason, in addition to the native and official language of our country, we try to learn a new language for easier communication. Today, thanks to smart devices, learning anything has become easier and we can become fully acquainted with our favorite language in a very short time. For this purpose, various softwares have been made by developers so far, and Usroid website has tried to provide you with the best of them. STEPS in 50 languagesTitle is a fast and simple language learning application developed by 50LANGUAGES LLC and published on Google Play. If we want to introduce this program easily, it can be considered as the easiest possible way to learn the language of your choice. To use the available facilities, all you have to do is select your native language and specify your preferred language to start the winding process. In this smart app, we have tried to teach many common and widely used words in any language so that you can easily communicate with others in difficult situations. For offline use, you can receive all the courses you want and run them at any time without the need for Internet access. All the embedded words and sentences are placed in different categories so that you never have trouble choosing them.

Some features and capabilities of STEPS in 50 languages ​​Android application:

  • Learn over 50 different languages ​​in one app
  • Learn fast and easy with just 10 minutes of practice each day
  • A comprehensive test to determine your level of ability in each language
  • Learn the most commonly used words and sentences in any language
  • Categorize all words and sentences in different groups
  • Accompanying each word or sentence with a dedicated audio pronunciation
  • Ability to download lessons and run them completely offline
  • Smart search system for quick access to the results you want
  • Various exercises to assess your learning

Application STEPS in 50 languages to benefit from the training set certain by your developer for free with in-network $ 9.99 has been released and managed to score 4.4 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version Get its premium from the direct links of Usroid website .


STEPS in 50 languages